Filming with Two Rivers: Independent Travel.

Catcher Media has been working on an inspirational project: a promotional film about independent travel for young people with learning difficulties.

Staffordshire Council were inspired by a project we had undertaken with Walsall College commissioned by Centro, Access all Areas.  They decided that their county could benefit from it’s own locally based film and resources.

For the film we worked with the students and teachers at Two Rivers School in Tamworth. The students were  involved throughout the whole process. Through a series of workshops, before filming, we learnt about what issues the students wanted represented – they were party to key decision-making which drove this project forward and, as a result, it was a huge success!


With the help of the students we have understood some of the difficulties they face and wish to overcome, whether it is lack of communication from bus drivers and fellow passengers, or sudden and unplanned route changes, this film aims to equip them with strategies to overcome these potential problems.

The film will give people the confidence to travel on their own. Most of us don’t think twice about taking the bus but imagine if this was difficult – it could stop you from finding work, seeing friends and prevent you from seeing the world. The film, made possible by the students at Tamworth, hopes to inspire confidence and give everyone the opportunity to travel.

The project has been a fascinating journey for all of us involved. After three days of filming, it was great to have all the students and film crew together to go through some of the material and see what the students thought. Everyone discussed the script and talked about the process of filming, including about the roles behind the lens. The students’ engagement with the whole process is key to us and was the essence of this project.


To support the film, we’re making some extra educational resources, which  students, young people, families, carers and teachers can use as teaching aids to help people use public transport.



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