‘Another Kind of Teacher’

We are delighted to be building on our long standing relationship with Dr Chris High and the Open University. This new project involves piloting the use of participatory video (PV) with teachers who have recently graduated from an innovative teacher preparation programme in Malawi to create a generation of highly skilled educators who are trained to become agents of change in rural communities. We were based in Blantyre in southern Malawi. See the project blog.

P1010339P1010332The programme has been developed to promote and facilitate teacher voice and to provide teachers with the tools to expand life-opportunities for themselves, their students and their communities.

This pilot will provide a rare opportunity to explore the emerging interest in the PV field in mobile, low-cost kit (for example mobile phones and tablets as an alternative to expensive camcorder-based set-ups). This will provide insights into how PV could be used more effectively, more pragmatically and more inclusively in low-income countries and the scaling up of this element of the project will constitute a distinct work package in the ESRC/DFID proposal as part of a larger bid. Check out: http://pvkit.blogspot.com/ for the equipment used in this project.

Henry Joseph NG’ombe (teacher/participant from Malawi) said: “We have made a film and this film is really a film that will educate a number of people and will make people know how education standards are in Malawi, and how teachers, children and the community are co-opertating in the school activities. This is a very good film that one has to watch.”

Michaeil Nyando (head-teacher/participant) said: “This film will help a lot, both the learners, teachers and the community – they’ll be looking at this film forever.

Watch the film below:

Below is a selection of photographs from the training, filming and final screening day:




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