Project Cobra – Film making skills

At the end of January 2015 Rick Goldsmith and Chris High trained a group of activists from Project Cobra in Guyana, in Advanced PV and Film-making skills. Four Project COBRA staff from the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB) and Iwokrama underwent three days of training at Royal Holloway University of London.The aim of the bespoke training was to:

  • To provide trainees with a basic set of materials to facilitate PV projects with a particular emphasis on improving production values for outputs.
  • To work with trainees who have grounded understanding of cultural and environmental challenges of remote fieldwork in Guyana and the specific region to tailor the material for delivery. Pre-training discussion with anthropologist/s or field worker/s with regard to cultural norms of quality.
  • To improve trainees own skills in the technical aspects of PV projects
  • To provide a pilot curriculum and resources (worksheets and media) aimed at the production of a high-quality short advocacy video

The training was organised by Andrea Berardi from the Open University and facilitated by Jay Mistry from the Geography Dept in Royal Holloway.

Grace Albert (from Guyana) wrote in her blog: “It was a certainly a tremendous three days with our two Participatory Video facilitators; Rick Goldsmith of Catcher Media Social and Chris High from the Open University. We did not only focus on the use of advanced  equipment like the camera, tripod, monopods and microphones, but further learned and did practical activities on how to conduct interviews. This was very important for us, since we are more connected and will be working with our Indigenous communities in and around the North Rupununi in Guyana.”

Watch the completed the video (that formed a large part of the training).

Below are some training pics (click on any to make larger).




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